Fabric Softener Crystals

Do you like to add fabric softener crystals like Purex to your laundry but not a fan of the price?  Why not make your own?  The below recipe can double the recipe and tweak it with scents you prefer.


1 Cup Epson Salt
10 drops of Essential Oil of your choice (more if you like)


Mix ingredients together, give it a quick stir to distribute the oils and your ready to go.  You can add 1/4 Cup to laundry in the washer or it can be added to your DIY laundry detergent.

Start with 10 drops of your favorite essential oils per 1 cup of Epsom salt (you can add more for a stronger scent if you prefer).  Lavender and lemon are great combinations and your clothes smell amazing!

I’ve been using this recipe (mixed in with my DIY Laundry Soap) for over a year now.  My clothes/towels/sheets smell great and are super soft and static free.



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