Homemade Sore Throat Elixir

I love this recipe for a sore throat. It’s so soothing and heals so fast. After one tea you notice the difference and start to feel your throat healing.


Winter is here and what follows this season is flu’s and colds. And with flu’s and colds comes sore throats.

If you want to stay away from taking antibiotics and pills you are not sure will help and are full of chemicals then prepare this efficient homemade remedy to heal your sore throat faster than you think.


2 lemons thoroughly cleaned and sliced
2 piece of ginger about the size of your pointer and middle finger together sliced into coin size pieces


In a clean 12 oz mason jar (or whatever glass jar you have with a lid) put thinly sliced lemons and ginger and add honey. Stir well. Close the jar and place it in a fridge where the ingredients will turn into jelly.


Put a spoonful of the jelly in a glass and add hot water. Drink this tea whenever you wish and need it.

This homemade remedy can be used for three months, which is an excellent advantage. It is recommended for both children and elderly people mostly because it contains no artificial or harmful toxins.


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