The diet that has made me healthy.

The above link is too a diet that has made me healthy.  Let me tell you my Journey.

I went to see a naturopath Doctor as I was sick and tired of feeling yucky.  I swear everyday I would wake up with a new ache pain or some kind of ailment (arthritis, allergies, food and skin sensitivities or intolerance). I didn’t want to be old before my time.  My skin was showing signs of aging, I would pull a muscle bending over.  If I played baseball I would ache for days.  I was approx. 25 lbs over weight (5’6″ 170 lbs).  My hair was weak and breaking ALOT.  I was fed up.

Back to the doctor, my first visit was ALOT of questions and just over 2 hours for $175.00 (but my insurance covered it).  She did a lot of tests and gave me a bunch of information to read up on.  I walked out with 1 cream for lymphatic drainage for my sinus’ and a little bottle of what my hubby calls my happy juice.  It’s 5different flower pressed into liquid.  The combination is great for stress relief and just makes you feel very laid back and happy.  I felt very confident this is what I needed.  I went home and filled my hubbys ear with information.

My next appointment was about 3weeks later.  It was a hour long for $75.00.  We did food testing this time, she pointed out foods that I already knew I was intolerant too.  She also found new ones.  I reacted instantly to sugar (but she said that’s typical as its a poison to our bodies).

She sent me home with the above diet with a few exceptions, a jar of Psyllium, a probiotic and Capryl (safflower oil & coconut oil).  I headed home and had a lot to think about.  Again when I got home I filled my hubby in on what I learnt.  We agreed we could do this together.  We jumped right into it the next morning, cold turkey…. No easing into it for us… My hubby hasn’t removed wheat but he has changed to better choices of breads.. He is more relaxed with this diet and occasionally has naughty foods.

We were very positive this was our journey to become healthy.  I can honestly say I was unaware and blind to what had sugar and wheat in it.  I googled everything I ate or was about to eat.  I started reading labels, not for the calories anymore but for the sugar and carbohydrates.  Then I would read the ingredients.  If there was something I was unsure of in the ingredients, I’d google it (took us a long time to get groceries the 1st few times).  We buy a lot of meat, yogurt, organic foods with no sugars and low in carbs (less the 3), Kefir (plain), berries, apples (I’m allowed 1 fruit a day) and select veggies.  We grew a small container garden with a few veggies and lots of herbs (now that it’s cold out the herbs, lettuce, Kale, Edamame beans and a few others have moved inside).  We didn’t clean the cupboards or fridge out of the “not allowed” foods as we have 2growing teenagers that can help us clean them out.

The 1st week was hard, I’m not going to lie!  I slipped up a few times unaware until after the fact.  I did not feel well the 1st week (this was the sugar/yeast dying off).  My tummy was constantly upset and I went to the bathroom 3 times a day (very unusual for me).  I lost 5pounds that week, but didn’t really notice it.  I think it was all water.

I do have to admit I didn’t give up red wine.  I do drink less then I used to though.

The more we got familiar with the diet, the easier it was.  It was our 5th week into “no or very little sugar” and for me no carbs or dairy except plain Kerfir and plain yogurt.  We didn’t even crave sugar (candies, chocolate or chips) anymore.  UNTIL we went camping for the 1st time since this diet.  We were used to taking candies, chips, chocolates, ice cream, s’mores etc.  Well we definetly shopped different this time.  So even though we were obedient with our shopping, there was a big bag of sour jelly beans and red candies, plus 2 different kinds out chocolate bars.  By 10pm we were sitting around the fire and got the munchies… Not good, because we are not in our routines.  The chocolate bars come out.  Now remember I haven’t had sugar in 5 weeks.  I had 2 pieces (1 pc of dairy milk and 1 pc caramilk).  Hubby had some as well.  He felt ill and sleepy instantly.  Me on the other hand I learnt what a sugar rush was.  I was up cleaning the camper and organizing it until 2am and then laid in bed reading until 3am…. The next day was not good.  We were both slow, groggy, tummy upset, lots of bathroom breaks, head aches and no energy.

We realized how much sugar effects the body.  I have never had a sugar rush like that, not even years ago when I drank energy drinks. I can totally see how sugar is addictive.

So now results as of Sept 29/2015: I have lost a total of 12 lbs. I don’t crave sugar or junk food anymore.  I have more energy, I stand at my desk at work all day now.  My skin is soft and my face is clear, my fine lines are disappearing or almost gone.  My arthritis is very minimal, my muscles are less inflamed, I sleep better at night and I’m a lot more focused.  I will be 50 years old in 2 years and look and feel like I’m in my 30’s again. My confidence is coming back and life is Great.

I will keep you updated on our progress.


Oct. 1, 2015

I went to my naturopath doctor today and got some great information.  I still have to go another 6 weeks of this diet and ilimination.  And I lost a total of 13 lbs.  I was pretty happy about that and then she says we will work on your liver now, which is a natural weight loss.  Once we detox my liver, she says the rest of my weight will come off errorlessly… SERIOUSLY…… So excited… Loves where this is going and loving life…

So now I’m on 3 different kinds of drops that I have to take 2 times a day and Diatomaceous Earth.  I was a little shocked on the Diatomaceous Earth, because that is what I used to put on my lawn to kills earth worms.   Apparently it is very beneficial for humans.  It is the same as Bentonite Clay.

I have no worries sticking to this diet as it has become routine now, I have more energy and I have no cravings for sugar anymore.  I actually enjoy the food I eat now.  I’m becoming healthly and that is what is important to me right now.

Very excited to carry on this journey and keep you all updated.


Nov. 10, 2015

I went to my naturopath again today.  I’m very happy to report that I am yeast free.  All my hard work of not eating sugar or wheat has paid off.  I’m still working on detoxing my liver and kidneys now and clearing up my crackling ear.  I’m now taking a herbal spray for my throat and sinus’s, we will see how that goes.

My weight loss has slowed down now as I only have 10 lbs to go.  Since I have been taking the Diatomaceous Earth I have noticed some strange things when I go to the washroom.  I am sorry this is a bit graphic, but there were long stringy things in my poop.  I asked my doctor what this was.  Apparently the DE kills parasites in your body… She said everyone has parasites, we never know we even have them.  Well if that is what it was I’m very happy they are out of my body.

As for my diet going forward, I get to eat natural sugars now.  Yaaaaaaaa I still have to limit honey as it raises your blood sugar.  I can make yummy treats now with natural sugars like Xylitol, Stevia, maple syrup etc.  And when I go a little over board I am supposed to take the Caproil for a couple days.  It kills yeast on contact.

I am feeling great, I don’t find this diet a challenge anymore and I will never go back to eating processed sugar.

I will be posting another article on my challenges soon.


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