Want to go, when you go?

I’m now going to talk about a taboo subject!! “The not so fun bathroom trip” 😳😳

Here’s a scenario: You run to the bathroom with the feeling like you have to get rid of your evenings dinner, you sit down on your big white throne and sit and sit and if your lucky you brought something with you to do because you realize it’s not going to be a quick trip.

Well this is the problem my hubby and I had for quite awhile.  Thinking this is normal until……we purchased “The Squatty Potty”.  Now you can laugh really hard because the first time I heard about “The Squatty Potty” my hubby, daughter and I made jokes about it.

Well after seeing ads everywhere for “The Squatty Potty” I decided to check out the reviews online.  To my surprise there were many reviews with people just like myself with the same views and judgements on this product.  This led me to research the reason why the potty works so well.

Here is the low-down on why squatting to poo is in your best interest and why using the Squatty Potty is the most convenient and effective way to improve your bathroom posture.

This link will explain it all: http://www.squattypotty.com/5-problems-with-sitting-on-your-toilet/ image-axd




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